Keeping Motivated

It’s been two weeks since my first ever show and I haven’t produced one new piece of work.  I haven’t even started one.  I’m sensing that there’s something wrong with this approach.  It’s probably not a good thing to sit back on my laurels after a show (especially a non-money generating one) citing tiredness or any other poor excuse.  I will share that my workspace (currently my bedroom) was in a turmoil due to roof leaking issues requiring repair of the bedroom ceiling.  So, while it’s true that I haven’t been using my creative time as I should, it’s also true that my creative space was severely compromised.  However, that issue was rectified last Friday, so really I’ve spent a whole week not creating.  No excuses.

I’ve been leading a dog’s life this week.

What are other people doing to keep motivated and keep the art going?  I’m curious whether many of you have day jobs and kids like myself and need to actively squeeze in the time to get any art work done.  What are your strategies?


2 thoughts on “Keeping Motivated

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