Working It Out

I have the day off today from my regular job so I plan to get down to work.  It’s been a slow start.  Halloween used to be an evening commitment to my kids, but at ages 12 and 14 they wanted little to do with me last night.  Instead I visited with parents of their friends and we all had our adult time together with drinks in hand.  At some point a bottle of bubbly white was opened and I think that’s what did me in.  Admittedly I’m feeling a little hung over this morning.  Not something I’ve experienced often over many years.  I’m a bit mad at myself for screwing up my much coveted alone time in the house today.  I have a piece I’m determined to finish by tomorrow so I’m trying to get my head up to concentrating.  Tea is on deck and maybe a wee bit of Halloween chocolate to get that energy level up.  Here’s hoping I overcome my lapse in judgement sooner rather than later!


Artists unite...

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