Breaking Through (I hope)

So, I’ve approached my first “gallery” to see about hanging my pieces for very public consumption.  Don’t laugh, but the “gallery” is a mattress shop that sells all-natural, organic mattresses.  They make their product from a plant based plastic to create superior memory foam mattresses that are expensive to buy, but apparently one of the best things out there.  So, I thought with my work being produced using old windows, rusted metal and found objects, I might well compliment the product that the store is selling.

Currently on the walls there is a show featuring a local photographer.  He’s quite a draw and the employee tells me that tons of people come in to see his work, which obviously brings potential customers into the store.  I don’t know that I can promise that my work will be the draw, as I am really just starting out, but I hope the uniqueness of it will be enough to convince the shop to give it a go.  The employee said that they are always looking for original stuff since they do get tired of looking at the same type of artwork on the wall.

Aside from the hitch of actually getting accepted and given a showing period, the store is also deciding whether or not to  carry on with the shows at all in the new year, or to simply hang product related, non-rotating things on the wall and call it a day.  I should know these answers in the next few weeks and will keep you posted.

In the meantime, where was your first show, how did you get it and how did it go?


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