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Focus, focus, focus

Hi!  I’m still here.  It’s been a long, cold and gray winter in southern Ontario and the inspiration to work has been coming in fits and starts (more fits than starts!).  My studio is a little cold this time of year and the natural light that I adore working with seems to quickly dwindle, if it comes at all.

One of my biggest accomplishments has probably been applying for an art show in the summer.  I haven’t heard back yet, but it gives me something to work towards – at least until I know the outcome of my application.  One of my biggest revelations is that I have to consciously schedule time to work and make myself stick to it despite any adverse environmental conditions.  It’s not like it’s a burden to create, it’s that same old problem of “chores” needing done, sitting at the back of my brain somewhere nagging me to take care of things.  You know what I’m talking about.  Laundry, dishes, dog walks, groceries, straightening up.  There are standing, everyday things on the list and then always two or three extras that need attention.  I need to work harder against giving into the nagging and stay focused.  The difficulty is having only one day off a week where I have the house to myself and only interruptions that I create.  Unfortunately, I interrupt myself a lot to take advantage of no one else around to get underfoot while I go about my household business.

Anyway, enough excuses.  Time to get to work.  Here’s one of the few pieces I’ve managed to get done over the past three months!