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Phase II

Phase II took a little longer than I had anticipated, what with the holidays that are never the free-wheelin’ break time I anticipate they are going to be.  However, I did manage to organize my space a wee bit and get it to a place where I could at least pull out some of my material and fool around.  I’ve not produced anything new, but the creative juices are starting to flow, thank heavens.  My next task is to buy myself a proper table to work at.  When I was working in my old bedroom, I would lean the frames against my french doors (excellent light anyway) and hunker down on the ground to arrange my metal pieces and twist in the wire.  I think they call it a “labour of love?”  I was very productive but my poor back paid the price, as did my partner who had to hear me whine about it pretty much daily.  A new mattress has solved some of the problem as has the fact that I haven’t worked on a piece for a month! That’s all about to change though, and I couldn’t be happier!

I suppose it’s beginning to resemble an artist’s space…


Temporarily on the floor – again. My back should be begging for mercy by next week!
“Moonlight Paddle”: One of my creations from my former bedroom “studio.”