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Phase I

At long last I’m getting around to posting photos of my new studio space without any bells and whistles.


I had intended on getting a photo of the studio totally empty, but with the chaos of the move to this new house and the need to stuff things wherever possible so that we could engineer paths to get around, I ended up with a bit of initiation clutter!  Still, it’s very much bare bones and I’m so looking forward to getting it organized (and getting my life back in order so I’m able to create!).

Those big, ugly shelves are going to be out of there as they take up the entire exposed brick wall, and really the only walled space big enough to work against.  The other brick wall is where I come up the old, wooden ladder to the attic space.  I admit it kind of makes me feel like a kid in a fort, and I love it!

I’ll be rolling the area rug out to help prevent my rusted metal from falling through the cracks in the floor boards.  My partner insists that he also wants to use the space as a man cave the odd time, so I have to be pretty clever about how I design the space.  The floor area isn’t bad but as you can see, the ceiling is sloped on both sides so it limits usable space – unless we’re talking storage.

I’ll keep you posted on how it’s shaping up and try to take pictures along the way…..  These are crazy times!